A notebook by Marker is...

  • ...individually adapted to your corporate brand design needs.
  • ...produced in EUROPE at high quality and with attention to detail, representing your company's high standards.
  • ...the perfect corporate gift through which to communicate with your customers, business partners and employees.
  • ...adapted for small quantities and quick turnarounds requests.

Quality characteristics of MARKER's notebook

Types of BINDING

Spiral binding

The main advantage of this type of binding is that even if you tear sheets out the notebook will still remain intact. We can propose you different sizes and colors of spirals. The most common colors  are silver, white and black. Depending on the paper body we match the spiral size.


Classical type of binding that applies only to hard cover books. If you need a notebook to keep and last longer, that’s the binding you should look for. And we are ready to offer it to you.

Stapling (Staple Stitching)

The staple stitching allows small quantities of sheets to be stitched to the cover. That’s why this type of binding is suitable for catalogues, instruction manuals, booklets, etc with soft covers. We will be glad to print and bind your company presentation or your brand catalogue.

Types of binding


Depending on your needs we can produce different sizes of notebooks: A4, A5, A6 which are the standard sizes, but also other sizes like pocket or square, mini  or irregular sizes upon request.

Notebook sizes

THE COVER: Hard or soft?

The cover of your notebook could be hard or soft.

The soft cover is more practical for small pocket size notebooks you wish to carry with you, the hard cover is best suited for home or desk use and matches better with wider/bigger sizes.

Bookcloth cover materials

We treat different kind of bookcloth materials - thermo active, soft touch and texturized materials, as well as cardboard and paper in different colors.

Notebook covers


Being open to discuss your needs of branding we are not simply offering to manufacture your brand’s notebook, we are going to design it for you. Combining different techniques and materials we can propose delicate branding with hot stamp printing or add foil stamping, or even more attention grabbing detail – cut out window in the cover with the shape of your logo which appears underneath on the substrate page, spot varnish for more emphasize on particular detail, embedded logo in the cover, embossing or debossing. Depending on your communication goal, we can always advise you what is best for your brand.


You could enhance your branded notebook vision by adding more special requests, such as round corners or colored elastic strap, colored inner pages or special info pages.

Other details
Other details


For small quantity orders and quick turnarounds, our services are the perfect choice at a great value. We offer many branding and personalization options as well as an exclusive notebook selection of varying sizes, book cover surfaces and price categories.



In order to offer you the finest quality branded notebooks at reasonable prices we dispose with our own fully equipped printing house. Our location is consistent with the need for regular shipping and delivery.